When Should You Start Marketing Your New Product or Service?

The first question about launching a brand, service or product is where to start promoting it? The second question is when to start marketing? If you start reading about online business marketing, the rabbit hole can soon lead to some very confusing and, inaccurate advice. Many believe that you should begin marketing your idea before deciding on the exact form it will take as a product. On the other hand it is also risky to invest on the marketing before the product is ready. How you should decide on your marketing strategy for a brand-new product or service?

Start With Market Research

Market research not only shows you how the market is now, but it also allows you to predict how the industry will change in the future.

Market research delivers clear answers to important queries such as: Who is your product targeted at? What features do they want from your product? Make sure the demographics you’ve chosen are appropriate for your business and product by conducting market research.

Know Your Customer and Understand Purchase Decisions

You want to find out what customers are looking for and why they are buying what they are buying. Clearly defining your ideal customer provides you direction in your marketing makes your messaging more consistent, and allows you to connect with your customers honestly.

All marketing and sales operations are built on the foundation of the buying process. You must have a thorough awareness of the customer’s problem areas, how they obtain information, and who influences their decision.

when to start marketing

Choose Your Marketing Channels and Platforms

If you’ve done your market research thoroughly enough, you’ll now know where to find your perfect audience. In this case, you want to ensure that you make a note of these channels and platforms and how important each of them are to your overall marketing strategy. You won’t be able to know exactly at the beginning. Over time as you use them you’ll be able to see how they’re doing on a more micro-level and adjust appropriately.

Set Your Budget and Goals

Before introducing any product or service, every company should conduct a thoughtful and rigorous strategic planning process. One of the most crucial step is “smart budgeting”. Make sure you’re only spending money on items that are necessary by your current marketing goals. Which are determined based on your audience and their path from prospect to customer. Consider all costs connected with promoting your firm when budgeting for marketing, including paid ads, recruiting fees, marketing tools, website upkeep charges, and more.

If You Don’t Know Where to Start, Book A Discovery Call

There are different opinions on when to start marketing. We tried to explain the simple steps of marketing process and when and how to start it. However, every brand is unique, and every product should be treated carefully. That’s why we offer free discover calls to our potential clients. We would love to pay attention every detail and set the main needs of the brands. This way we can decide when is the right time to start marketing and how to be successful in your marketing journey.

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